Sytnthetic Rubber

SBR 1502

SBR 1502 is a clear non-staining SBR polymer produced by the cold emulsion process. They are one of the most widely used synthetic rubbers. SBR 1502 provides excellent resistence to abrasion and heat, compared to natural rubber. The vulcanization process is relatively stable. Also, its properties, including stable scorching and excellent processiblity, are suitable for a variety of uses. The products are classified by the applied emulsifier, extender oil and stabilizer.


SBR 1712

The oil-extended Styrene Butadiene Rubber SBR 1712 is produced by emulsion copolymerization of styrene and butadiene. It's a dark brown synthetic rubber with high abrasion resistance,easily vulcanization,stable scorch properties and good processability. SBR 1712 is widely used in automobile tyre,conveyor belt,rubber tube,coloured shoes,etc.


Nitrile Rubber Neoprene

Nitrile Rubber Neoprene can be compounded for use as lining rubber, conveyor belt covers and other extremely demanding applications.


Silicon Rubber

Silicon Rubber (LSR) is silicone rubber made from a liquid compound. This liquid compound consists mainly of silicone polymer and well know for being non-toxic and temperature resistant.


  • Pourable consistency
  • Physical and electrical stability
  • Low shrinkage when cured at room temperature


EPDM Viton

We offer to our clients a wide range of EPDM O-rings. These EPDM O-rings are made using quality rubber polymers such as viton, neoprene, nitrile and silicone that are widely used in oil industries. Our EPDM O-rings are available in various dimensions and standard sizes as per the clients’ specifications. These EPDM O-rings are also available in various color grades and are effectively used in various industrial applications.


High Nitrile

Nitrile Rubber, High Strength is very well suited for fuel resistant applications that require a higher tensile strength to make it more durable in more demanding applications. Nitrile rubber is also known as Buna N rubber. Nitrile is used extensively in military applications for fuel and ozone resistant gasketing.


Low Nitrile

Low Temperature Buna-Nitrile (LT Buna) seals to replace the current Fluorosilicone seals on 1 ½” fluid paths.The proprietary Low Temperature Buna-Nitrile material relative to Fluorsosilicone provides superior wear resistance, equivalent chemical resistance, and lower operating temperature ranges.


Polybutadiene HNBR

Polybutadiene Hydrogenated nitrile-butadiene rubber (HNBR) and hydrogenated carboxylic styrene-butadiene rubber (HXSBR) were obtained from rubber latex via the diimide process without pressurized hydrogen. The ionomer of HXSBR was prepared via neutralization of HXSBR with a metallic ion. HNBR was melt-blended with polyethylene (PE) or poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) and the potassium ionomer of HXSBR was blended with PE. Study of mechanical properties of the blends showed that when HNBR was higher than 40% of the blends, both blends behaved as thermoplastic elastomers.