Resin & Tackfiers

Wood Rosin

We have the finest quality Wood Rosin and Gum Rosins used in various industries. They have the following grades of Gum Rosins:


  • N-Grade
  • W-Grade
  • WW-Grade & more


CI Reisn

COUMARONE INDENE RESIN is synthesized by modification of Rosin by the addition of Allyl group into the chain structure. It is empirically represent as C17H14O.


Terpined Penolic Resin

Appearance Pale Yellow/Brown, Colour (Gardener Scale) 10+2 Transparent Solid /Flakes, Specific Gravity 1.0-1.05,Acid Number 2.0 Max.Ash content % max. 0.5, Saponification Number 3.0 Max.Transparency No clouding, clear.Solubility Soluble in almost all petroleum solvents, mineral.