Natural Rubber


We are having Regular Stock list of all Natural Rubber Grades Natural Rubber (RSS IX ) 500 kgs To 1000 kgs.

Features of Natural Rubber RSS IX :

  • Very stretchy
  • Flexible
  • Extremely waterproof



Medium size bark particles, bubbles, translucent stains, slightly sticky and slightly over smoked rubber are permissible. Oxidized spots or streaks, weak, heated, under-cured, over-smoked, and burnt sheets are not permissible. The rubber must be dry, clean, strong, sound and free from blemishes, blisters, sand, dirty packing and all other foreign matter other than specified above as permissible.



Large bark particles, bubbles and small blisters, stains, over-smoked, slightly sticky rubber and blemishes are permissible. Slightly under-cured rubber is permissible. Weak, heated, burnt, oxidized spots or streaks are not permissible. The rubber must be dry, firm and free of blisters. Dirty packing, sand and all other foreign matter other than specified above is not permissible.



This grade of natural rubber is Technically Specified Block Rubber TSR, equivalent to SMR 10, STR 10, SIR 10 etc in other rubber producing countries. In India this grade is called Indian Standard Natural Rubber 10 (ISNR10) tsr 10 or our ISNR 10 is produced form clean and fresh field coagulm or from un smoked sheets, It has good technological properties similar to those of RSS 2 and RSS 3 and has the advantage of lower viscosity and easier mixing characteristics.



We are engaged in providing Rubber ISNR 20. Rubber ISNR 20 is used extensively in many applications and products, as synthetic rubber. It is normally very stretchy and flexible and extremely waterproof. These rubbers are the primary source and raw material, which is used in tyres. Rubber ISNR-10 used for puncture.